Fluffy the Hairless Cat and the Midnight Mouse Mission
Author: Nichole G. Webster
Illustrator: Kristina Dutton
ISBN: 978-1-7775377-0-8

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An action-packed tale of a big-hearted hairless cat versus a sly house mouse.

The sun is down, and his mommy is asleep, so Fluffy the hairless cat begins his midnight mouse mission to catch Arnold, the cheese-stealing house mouse. Fluffy is a unique, silly, and lovable sphynx who is dead set on catching the mouse who has been stealing their cheese for far too long. In a compelling adventure of cat versus mouse, Fluffy must choose between his lifelong mission for justice, or live in the present and appreciate what he has. With lively illustrations, Fluffy the hairless cat is a kitten to remember.

A story for both children and adults as a reminder to recognize what you value most in life.

Written in honor of Fluffy, this book was created to raise awareness for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a deadly cardiac defect widely prevalent in the sphynx, Maine coon, Persian, ragdoll, rex, Chartreux, and British shorthair breeds.

20% of sales will be donated directly to Dr. Kate Meurs's HCM research at North Carolina State University to help save our beloved pets lives.

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